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This is the last time I want to write about the pandemic. I’m over it — and yet I fear getting lackadaisical. Knowing that many have been (at least partly) vaccinated is reassuring but doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods. We’re still in lockdown in Ontario, Canada as I write this, with a slow rollout of reduced restrictions — like larger outdoor gatherings and maybe actually being able to try on new running shoes. The sense of hope is palpable. There’s another feeling I’ve been overcome with since shit first started hitting the fan: gratitude. I’m not about to…

And What To Do About It

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Here I was minding my own business and procrastinating as usual when we got hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. Worry, confusion, isolation and a nagging brain fog have set in at various stages and sometimes all at once, fighting for centre stage. Thank goodness I’ve figured out a way to still keep busy — and yet, because everything is new and constantly changing, I’m still trying to figure out how to balance family time, virtual school and work — like most people these days. …

Bring May Flowers & More Change

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My month started off with the best of intentions — an exciting idea to help motivate people during these challenging and often depressing times. I went outside of my comfort zone and actually asked people for help. Not just any people; some with huge social media followings who didn’t need to help me and likely wouldn’t give me the time of day, while others included friends and people who had asked me for help in the past. I threw out a wide net in hopes of getting something — anything — back. And while I’m eternally grateful to those who…

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I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. The pressure I felt either to give or receive some show of love simply because society called for it, was awkward and even embarrassing if the gesture wasn’t reciprocated. Then I got older and realized it didn’t have to be about romantic love. It didn’t even have to be about loving someone else. I could show myself some love with a little extra self-care and me-time. I distinctly remember the day I vowed to marry myself. Mostly because I was still reeling from my latest romantic-relationship-gone-bad but also because like many…

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It’s okay to not be able to handle alcohol. What’s not okay is drinking alcohol if you can’t handle it.

For some people, having a few drinks means exactly that — a few beers and they might get drunk but that’s it, end of story. What a lot of people don’t seem to recognize or appreciate is the idea that for some people, a few will always lead to more. This is called addiction or being an alcoholic. It has a bad rap for obvious reasons. Remember how Uncle John embarrassed everyone at the Christmas party a few years ago…

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My daughter has a problem. Not a huge problem in the grand scheme of things and one that supposedly will resolve itself with time, proper training, and awareness, called encopresis. It started when she was about three after she’d already been potty trained. She started having poo smears and accidents 8–10 times per day. I let this go for a while but after washing or going through countless pairs of underwear and not wanting her to revert back to pull-ups, I sought medical advice.

At first, the pediatrician didn’t feel any blockage and because of her young age, though it…

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I love the fall, the brightly coloured leaves, the idea of change and new beginnings…except for November.

I came back in the fall, to my home, to the family I had left behind…and then November.

The once-coloured trees turned bare, exposed and empty. The skies darkened and sent chills to my very core.

I’ve stood on your balcony, looking down at the concrete. Four stories. I’ve read the note found in your pocket. Four words: “Please look after TJ”.

You loved that cat. Was your call for help — or was it just to say goodbye?

November. Unassuming like a…

Every body tells a story. What we take away from that story determines how we write the next chapter.

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I made it to the hospital in the first stage of labour; still able to talk and sign all the requisite registration forms between waves of pain.

“You were on Degrassi.”

It wasn’t a question, merely stated as fact with a knowing smile from the triage nurse. I made a joke about being impressed she could still recognize me in my current condition then promptly threw up in her garbage pail.

I was ushered into a room where I fully intended…

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I’ve always been a worrier. In high school, the most popular girl in class nicknamed me after her chronically-worried Aunt Betty. She seemed to care about her Aunt Betty and I was flattered just to be noticed, but at the same time it held a patronizing tone that highlighted my shortcomings… and I worried about it.

Parenting is a whole new world of worry — so one would think I was cut out for it. Unfortunately, despite my ability to predict and prepare for even the most implausible scenarios, I’ve learned that parenting isn’t an exact science and saving children…

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It was the mid-1990s when I first started working in a gym. I stood proudly behind the front desk of Gold’s Gym, Hollywood, neck-deep in gym culture and rubbing shoulders with all kinds of trainers, salespeople and personalities. But I was naïve, assuming all trainers were good role models in regards to being healthy and having their clients’ best interests at heart. Cycling meant simply to ride a bike and diuretics were something I used to binge on in hopes of looking thinner. Here, these words were being floated around in regards to steroids and body building. …

Stacie Moana Mistysyn

Fitness & Wellness Coach, Mom, Mental Health Advocate, Actor, Human., Youtube: Stronger with Stacie

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